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The following testimonials were kindly provided by three people I had the great privilege of working with.

“Before I started my sessions with Dorothy I was starting to spiral; taking risks sexually and physically, by abusing alcohol and starting to try drugs. I had lost both my parents in a very short space of time, was single but co parenting my son with my longstanding ex husband and was coping with a highly stressful job. My time with Dorothy gave me the space to accept and appreciate what I had in my life right then, as well as what I had lost, without recrimination. She guided me to face some home truths with home work that was at times incredibly uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding, allowing me to take a step back from the daily whirlwind to reflect and  rebuild. Several years on from our sessions I can’t thank Dorothy enough, my life isn’t perfect -who’s is? - but I am in a safe and good place, and remain the most balanced and grounded version of me I can imagine!”


Dorothy is a very kind person and I’ve found her counselling sessions calming, intuitive and supportive. She’s helped me build trust and confidence within myself and I would highly recommend her as a counsellor.”


"I came across Dorothy when going through a rough patch that was a culmination of a long period of unhappiness and knew I was at a breaking point where I really needed someone to help and listen. 


From the first consultation call Dorothy was amazing. She was attentive, warm, open and supportive which allowed me to open up and discuss thoughts and feelings that I had never been comfortable sharing previously. 


I went into my initial sessions with Dorothy with a rough idea of what I wanted to discuss but with Dorothy’s guidance and support we were able to dig deeper into the underlying issues that were causing my unhappiness. This really allowed us to shine a light on them, work through them and teach me coping strategies to get me through that difficult time, and take with me in the future.


I saw Dorothy in person for a year in person, she was able to guide me through my sessions on a week to week basis and then expertly taper them off as our time together came to an end in a way that instilled a confidence in me that I could both now cope and flourish on my own but also return to Dorothy if I ever needed to. And I did, for a year during COVID Dorothy was able to host sessions with me via phone once again providing the same care, support and attention that she had previously and I would feel more than comfortable returning again should I need it.


I felt it at the time, but more so looking back on it now. The work that I undertook with Dorothy has been integral to where I am and who I am today and I will forever be grateful to her for that.”  


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